Lauren | 18 | UK | ISTJ

Just another random fangirl who makes gifs and writes stuff.

Likes books, boys and liferuining tv shows.

more about me here

Been to A10 + A12, going to A13 + JiB6

since 30/5/14



Parks and Rec s6
Awkward. s3
Adventure Time s2


- Lola and the Boy Next Door
- A Storm of Swords
- Redemption Road

listening to

- All of Hedley's albums

the blog


About 95% Supernatural at the minute with other fandom posts and personal ramblings sprinkled in here and there.


My queue runs every day from 3am - 11pm with 4-6 posts per day. The queue tag is #don't-Queue-cry-no-more


Some content can be nsfw or triggering, but all content is clearly tagged for blacklisting purposes.

Other Stuff

regularly used tags

cute stuff, happy/funny stuff, important stuff

blog/other events:

Friday nights - Cards Against Humanity

Saturday nights - TinyChat fangirl hour



Never be nervous to head to my ask box (anon or not) and send me a message. Whether your bored, wanting to fangirl or just need someone to talk to, just head over there and spill all your feelings. Just don't forget to add [P] to the start of the message if you specifically want it answered privately!

Dean’s just like: 'Hey, Sammy, your boyfriend's kinda funny.'

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